Jan 4, 2011

Fabulous Las Vegas!!!

VEGAS BABY!!! We took a short but SWEEEET trip to Vegas just before Christmas to watch Boise State Rock the Maaco Bowl against Utah! It was my first time in Las Vegas and I loved it! We went with some of our good friends Melissa, Tyler and Emily:)They booked the hotel suit and invited us to road trip down there with them!! We are so grateful for good friends! :) While we were in Vegas we stayed at a beautiful new hotel The Vdara which is right next to the Bellegio and Aria,It was breathtaking! We checked out the Strip, did some dancing, went sightseeing, a little gambling :P and of course went to the Bowl Game!! It was such a fun trip! A HUGE thank you to Tysons mom who watched the boys for us so we could enjoy ourselves!!!

Watching the Water show at the Bellagio, It was Beautiful!

As you can see in this picture we were in Awe :)

Our good friends Tyler and Melissa :)

Another on of my favorite parts was the HUGE christmas room at the Bellagio. It was over the top! And Decked out for Christmas. So amazing!

We meet up with some freindly Utah fans on the Strip! :) It was fun going back and forth with them about Boise St :)

After we got home from Vegas we were plenty busy between all of the Christmas and New Year hussle and bussle!! Next post!..... Christmas!!

Playing Catch up:)

Tyson took his very first swimming lessons this winter! I was excited to sign him up because he is VERY hesitant when it comes to exploring water and I really wanted him to be able to conquer his fear... We made some progress on that, and I think he would have made more if we didn't miss as many classes as we did. (due to Snow day, being out of town, sickness, and one day Tyson completely refused to even get in the water:( But for as many classes that we went to We are SO very proud of him and his accomplishments!

One of his biggest fears was letting ANYONE take or hold him where he couldn't touch, including Mommy and Daddy :( But he really warmed up to one of his instructors and let him take him out in the water for a few seconds! They had all the students wave their arms and legs in the water while the instructor took them around, when it was Tysons turn he just held on SO tight but came back with a Smile on his face! We were so excited for him!! He didnt want to to it the next time but I know the more swim lessons he takes the more he will get used to it! :) GO TYSON!!! We love you!!

First day of Swim Lessons

So afraid to go out into the water!

He was so proud of himself when he came back

Daddy and Jarom Hanging out, climbing up the big stairs!

Nov 8, 2010

Mindy Gledhill- All About Your Heart ( Nie version)

I recently came about this song (via BlueCricket) and I absolutely LOVE it!! (love all of her songs actually)... The words are just so sweet! I dedicate it to my little sunshines, who make my world go round! :) Almost brings tears to my eyes! I love how music can evoke so much emotion and memories! Enjoy!!! :)

Nov 6, 2010

Trick-or Treating, Pumpkins, and Sugar Cookies!

Our boys had a blast this Halloween!! Tyson spent the whole month of October just waiting to go trick-or-treating! We tried keeping busy through October, visiting the Pumkin Patch at Linder Farms a couple of times, painting and decorating pumpkins, and making yummy Halloween cookies for family and friends!!

Tyson and his Cousin Mason!

Jarom coloring and painting his pumpkin!

Decorating a pumpkin with glitter:) (some of these photos are phone pics so bad quality)

Showing off his Halloween cookies :)

Taste testing his cookies :)

Tyson has had to work every Halloween, so its kind of a tradition that my mom and i take the boys trick-or-treating, she is a lot of help and the kids love it...This year Jarom was our "Little Monster" which fits the attitude hes had lately perfectly :) Tyson was our cowboy/Woody!! :) he loved wearing his cowboy hat and horse!

Gosh I love these boys!!

Jarom always wanted his candy open right after he got it :)

Mommy and her Boys!

These boys did great trick-or-treating! They were so independent and both walked most of the time! Tyson loved showing us the candy after every house and he was so perfect at saying thank you and even told one family to have a happy Halloween! Jarom was crazy about the candy! caught him a couple times eating right through the wrapper!!! They both loved seeing all of the decorations and costumes! Every scary costume Tyson would just eyeball them and say "thats fake right mom!??" And Jarom would scream "PUMPKIN"!!! Everytime he saw a pumpkin!!! haha!

Tyson waiting patiently...

Ringing the doorbell and peeking in :)


By the end of the night both boys were on a sugar high :) Im sure the only reason they were able to sleep was from pure exhaustion!! :) Halloween was definitely a hit this year! My sweet blessings make every holiday more magical and special! I love that having kids really makes you see the holidays in a whole new light!!


Ok here are some pictures I found on one of my memory cards that I thought I lost! :) they are from earlier this spring and I think that these are hilarious! I have No idea why or how Ty got stuck in this high chair! All i know is that I couldnt get him out! I tried pulling and pushing and stretching and squishing! But he just wasnt coming loose! He thought it was funny at first, probably because i couldnt stop laughing saying "how the heck did you do this??" But as i pulled and pushed he realized that he was really stuck, and and he really wanted out, the tears started and i knew we had to call dad :) He was probably in there for about 45 minutes, then Dad came home from work and took his handy saw to the highchair and Yay! Tyson was finally free!!! Im sure this will be a funny memory to show him when he is older undies and all :)

WARNING:Picture Overload! But I just couldnt help myself these are all so darn cute! You'll see!!!

So I know these pictures are way overdue!! Ive been slacking on my blogging but this is a post i didnt want to skip! These are pictures from the week Geri and her sweet family came to vist! It was wonderful to get together with family And much needed!!

One day while Geri was in town we spent all day at my father in laws house Celebrating his Birthday! Grandpa Walker set up the kiddie swing for all his grandkids which was a huge hit!!! plus a couple other fun things to keep the kids busy! it was a great day full of yummy food, fun activities and of course family!!

Another day was spent at Fuller Park for a Walker family reunion, that is put together every couple of months or so... It was a good time and even better that Geri and her family were able to be there with us all!!

Tyson Playing with his cousin Naomi :)

One day was spent with Tysons Moms family, we spent the morning picnicking at Settlers Park, and the afternoon and evening at Marinas house visiting, relaxing and playing games! The kids really enjoyed having all of their cousins to play with!!

Geri! We all had such a great time seeing you and your family while you were in town!! We love you and cant wait until we see you and your sweet family again!!